Reproduction ww2 crates

We offer many different "museum quality" uniforms and historic items which are as near to the originals as possible, as well as lots of re- enactment gear that is made to perform, not just look great. Your online site for buying reproduction world war two combat equipment, uniforms and accessories. WW2 Gear has supplied Collectors and Reenactors with high quality ww2 products since WWII Gear.

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reproduction ww2 crates

Featured Products. D-Guard Bowie Knife. Classic A-2 Leather Flight Jacket. All Rights Reserved.The cardboard box, above left photo, contained the Second Half of 5 Rations, Menu 2. The cardboard box, above right photo, contained the Second Half of 5 Rations, Menu 3. This example, shown above, is for Menu 3 and was made by the William Wrigley Jr.

Company, April Field Ration Type K, Production, above left and right photo.

Assorted Wooden Ordnance Crates

The first style of K Ration Box, produced inwas very basic with only the type of ration and meal type printed on the top of the cardboard box. The manufacturer markings were listed on the top or side of the box. Army Field Ration K box, above left photo. Company, Chicago Illinois. Army Field Ration K box, above right photo.

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One ration consisted of one Meat Unit and one Bread Unit. The B Unit shown in the left photo, contains 4. Sugar and 3 oz. Soluble Coffee. The crate shown above is marked: 45CONT.

reproduction ww2 crates

INC and packaged May It was mailed by PVT R. The crate was mailed to Mr. Roger K. Corned Beef Hash Crates, above left and right photo. The bottom crate is marked: CONT. The two crates pictured above were recovered from Bastogne, Belgium in Oh Henry Candy Crate, above left photo.

One original Oh Henry 5 cent Candy Bar box is pictured in front of the crate. This cardboard box came from this crate. Ping Candy Crate, above right photo. One original Ping Candy box is pictured on the top of this crate.

On the inside of this crate is a hand written label that lists the souvenir contents recovered by a Service Member in the Pacific. Contents list "Japanese Souvenirs": writing equipment, brushes, coins, toy bank, 2 wooden plaques, China saucers, ashtray, Jap flag, 1 set of China dishes and 1 lacquer cake dish.

The corner markings are applied to containers for overseas shipment. Green corners with a black stripe denoted "Quartermaster Sales". Ration Type C Crate, above left and right photos. This crate was recovered from Bastogne, Belgium in The top crate is marked: WT. The manufacturer markings on the side are obscured but the year of is readable on both crates. Both of these crates were recovered from Bastogne, Belgium in Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 05 May - PM. Posted 06 May - PM. I have one WWII 75mm crate, i use it to display three helmets, supposedly it was my Great Grandpa's that he brought back from the war, and supposedly he was a Paratrooper, but that might be family folklore, who knows.

It says on the crate when it had its full load it weighed 79lbs! And now I use it to store other military items as well. Anyways here it is:.

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The top. It has two crossed ordnance cannons but what is strange is that it states that it is "Made In West Germany". Box is dated Posted 08 May - PM. Posted 09 May - AM. Any idea on this one guys? I picked up two of these filled with AAF parts last year, they're holding my spent brass right now.

Coated aluminum insides, no markings. Vietnam era. I have been waiting for thread like this for ages. I am based in the UK and have been making my ammo crates for our display this year. This is great reference. A question on the above case for AK47 ammunition, what period and whats the background???

Posted 10 May - AM. Community Forum Software by IP. View New Content U. Militaria Forum Forums Members More. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 06 May - PM I have one WWII 75mm crate, i use it to display three helmets, supposedly it was my Great Grandpa's that he brought back from the war, and supposedly he was a Paratrooper, but that might be family folklore, who knows.

Anyways here it is: It almost looks like it has a date on the bottom left of the first pic. Maybe it means Feb ? Hard to tell. Posted 06 May - PM That is correct, it was loaded Posted 06 May - PM I have at least a dozen very clean large ordnance wood box's with the hemp rope handles but all are in my storage, I will take some pictures tomorrow as I need to go over there anyway.

I do have in my closet some nice small arm's box's that I keep my ammo in, there are two more behind these three but they are pretty heavy as they are for the most part full and dont feel like bustin a nut right at this moment. Attached Images.The sugar provided an energy boost, the taste helped sweeten trench breath, and the confection was even considered an important factor in maintaining troop morale. Quite a lot to expect from a candy bar!

reproduction ww2 crates

We're working to expand our offerings in this category, but the items we list below were standard ration items, found wherever C or K rations were used.

One pack of Charms brand candy, just as issued in all U. They are wrapped in the colorful paper outer wrapper that was so unique among the normally drab ration packages, with a foil inner wrapper. These are authentic Charms candy, fresh from the grocer's shelf. WW2 G. Caramel Candy from K-Rations.

These come eight to the box and are individually wrapped inside the box. Makers vary according to supply. A 2-ounce reproduction D-ration bar in this case a chocolate bar sealed in a cello-like bag, and packaged inside the classic wax-sealed box. Sorry, the WW 2 GI helmet and canteen cup are not included, offered, or available. The ration was made in both an Army version, and a Marine Corps version.

This item is the U. C version. Necessary Personal Items It took more than food to keep a soldier going in the field. There were lots of little items of personal maintenance and comfort that helped get a GI through the day, or the night, and these items are equally necessary for today's re-enactor or collector.

No kit is complete without these items. You're standing in it. Because of the absence of any formal latrines in front line areas, GI's had to carry latrine paper as one of their essential personal items. It's the little items like this that make a kit look absolutely authentic and make a weekend in the field tolerable. These are one of the best-remembered items from the GI K-Ration and other ration packs.

These are current production matches with the graphics custom printed on the cover at the factory - no silly stickers.

They are ready to round out your collection or light up your smoke in the field in a realistic manner breaking out the neon-colored plastic lighter can destroy your impression. If you are lucky enough to know a living WW2 veteran, hand him or her one of these matchbooks and watch their face light up.

So you'll have a good weekend supply, we sell three books of matches for one price.

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The message they carried was simple and straightforward — Be Careful, Venereal Disease is easy to catch! But there were other matchbooks, with other messages, distributed to the troops. This red, white and blue matchbook encouraged both military personnel and civilians to buy US War Savings Bonds, to help finance the war.

One more pleasant surprise for your Authenticity Officer! Sorry, the other gear is simply to get your attention.Special offers. New in stock. Officer stock for the Luger P08 Ari. Quality reproduction from wood and best leather. Pouches K98, I Wehrmacht originals. Very good condition beeing that old.

German Militaria

Price per pc pouch. Quality Reproduction highly detailed, stamped. Pouches K98, I Wehrmacht stamped. Great reproduction made of leather. One of the best repro on the market! MG42 soldier gunners pouch. Did hold spare bolt, cleaning stuff, wrench, spider sight Price per piece. Officer stock for the Mauser C Quality reproduction made from walnut und finest leather. K98 action cover - Wehrmacht.

I-reproduction - best quality around. Pouches K98, I Wehrmacht stamped, brown version. Mag pouches for MP38 and MP40 from own production run. Highest quality, strong canvas, thick smooth cowleather, matt metal parts. Wehmacht leather "Hard-Case" Holster for P38, brown leather. Quality Reproduction highly detailed Stamped on back. Wehrmacht leather holster police units for Walther P Early 50th german army made, matching original WH one.

Heavy quality, stamped.

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Used condition. Wehmacht leather open holster for P08 "Luger". Often called para holster.

reproduction ww2 crates

Quality Reproduction highly detailed. Wehrmacht officer breeches, gabardine. Authentic reproduction that takes care of every little detail. Scarf called "Oma". Comes from an unisseud army depot-stock.Follow WkD on Twitter:. WkD's workshops will also undertake custom ammunition box projects. Please email me as for a quote and what you are looking for in a project. I will work with you to design a custom box that will fit your project's needs. As of today, most of the boxes will resemble classic US military ammunition crates.

However, I am expanding out into other boxes as my tools and skills grow. Please let me know what you want. Payment is handled via PayPal. Terms are half of quoted cost at start of project, remainder at completion and client acceptance. I will ship the final work via UPS Ground in a well-protected cardboard box.

If you'd like to write me about your needs and for a quote, my email address is at the bottom of the About WkD page. During MarchI worked with a small California start-up company to design two US military-spec ammunition boxes to be part of their men's fragrance product marketing campaign. Both identical boxes were constructed to display the individual products within. Custom dimensions were included in the build.

The turn around time for this project was about three weeks. The boxes were painted a medium grey with white custom stencils. The hardware was painted grey to match the box. Custom stencils were cut for each panel, and I hand cut the star logo stencil. They came out beautifully, I have to say. My first real MIL spec boxes. In fact, they are the nicest military boxes I have ever seen--even better than the real things!

I have them here in the office and can't stop looking at them. Solidly built, great detail and the quality stencil work give the boxes a real military presence and look great with our products. Custom Box Project No.

Since no pictures or actual examples exist of an original MG transit chest, I had some liberties as to what to create. Using this excellent Webpage about a MG transit chest most likely created by German coopers for a wartime Portuguese Army contract, I adapted these measurements and details into my interpretation. This French Website of a box collector was extremely helpful with original Wehrmacht markings on weapons and ammunition crates.

Their racial obsession over font origins?! I painted the exterior of the box in Panzer Grey paint, which was obtained from a World War 2 German re-enactor supply store. Stencils were painted in semi-gloss white paint. This was the most complex box project I have undertaken. My friend is very lucky for having this box constructed at the price I quoted him. Interior wood is pine, cut from various dimensions. Dimensions of the box were not based on metric measurements.

Steel latches, hinges, and handles are modern sizes and US-mfg.Our products are used by various reenactment groups, prop houses, magazines, museums and US Military groups. Inspection by Veterans who used the equipment. Testing on our vast selection of original items. Input from Museum Curators. Inspection by time period experts.

Input and testing from reenactor groups. We always encourage our customers to contact us with new products they would like to see, along with customer photos and videos! Contact us here for product or content submission.

Our store has many products you can only find at World War Supply. Our processing and distributing centers are located in West Michigan. Shop our store for low price, quality reproduction and original military accessories. See our photos and videos from major worldwide museums and historical sites. View hundreds of videos including product installation, firearm disassembly and reassembly videos, firing videos and much more. Read articles our products are featured in, along with historical pieces written on some of the most famous places in the world.

World War Supply strives to provide the most accurate and quality products available. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return the item up to 30 days after purchase.

Products in store. Products sold.

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YouTube subscribers. Learn more. M1 Carbine Buttstock Pouch Installation. View More Videos. About Us. Welcome to World War Supply, your exclusive military accessory dealer! We are a veteran owned and operated company who takes pride in historically accurate and quality reproduction militaria.

We have been collecting and dealing for over 20 years, and have become an industry leader in providing well priced and quality accessories.

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