Pixel 3a only works on speaker

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The Droid Guy. There are many forms of calling issues. If you encountered this problem before, find out the steps that you can try below to fix it. Hello, when I call people using speaker or answer phone using the speaker option, the person on the other end cannot hear me for about 30 seconds. I am told all they hear is silence. Follow our suggestions below to know where the issue lies. Sometimes, temporary bugs may develop and cause problems ranging from minor annoyances to downright software malfunctions.

To see if your Pixel 3 has developed a bug after running for some time, you can forced reboot it.

pixel 3a only works on speaker

Press and hold the Power key for 30 seconds or even more and when the logo shows up on the screen, release it. After that and your device still remains unresponsive, try the next solution. Keeping both apps and Android up-to-date is one of the simplest yet effective means of lessening the chances of bugs from developing.

If calls on speaker are still not working properly after a forced reboot, the next good thing to do is to ensure that all apps are running the latest version available. Some apps may cause problems if they are not properly coded to work with a certain Android version.

This is rectified by developers by updating their products as they encounter problems and bugs. Make sure to check for new app updates manually in the Play Store app. By default, your Pixel 3 should download and install updates on its own.

If you change this before, you want to regularly check for updates. This will revert the app to its factory state and hopefully, fix the problem with your calls. Resetting network settings will delete all previously connected wifi networks, wifi passwords, VPN settings, and cellular settings.

To do it:. Some users were able to successfully make their device work by clearing their network settings. A downloaded app may be causing this problem. To check, try to boot to safe mode and see what happens. To boot to safe mode:. Remember, safe mode blocks third party or downloaded apps. If the problem goes away in safe mode, you can bet one of the apps is to blame. To identify which of your downloaded apps is causing the problem:. This way, you can return all software settings back to their defaults in one stroke.Time Required.

This guide shows how to remove and replace the loudspeaker for the Pixel 3a.

pixel 3a only works on speaker

This guide shows how to loosen the support bracket in order to wiggle the loudspeaker out. Alternatively, you can remove the motherboard and the support bracket first to gain unrestricted access to the loudspeaker.

If you are reusing the screen, be sure to pay special attention to the warnings in the opening procedure. The procedure requires re-attaching the proximity sensor connector, which requires some patience and finesse.

Buy these tools. Screen seam: This seam separates the screen from the rest of the phone. This is where you should pry. Frame seam: This is where the plastic frame meets the back cover.

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It is held in place by screws. Do not pry at this seam. Screen flex cable: Do not pry deeper than instructed, or you risk damaging this cable. Adhesive perimeter: Prying beyond the narrow perimeter without angling the pick will damage the LCD. Heat an iOpener and apply it to the right edge of the display for a minute. You can choose to skip this step since the Pixel 3a's screen adhesive is not very strong.

Lifetime iPhone user switches to Google Pixel 3... My thoughts

Heating it, however, will decrease the chance of cracking the screen. This step shows how to insert the pick without damaging the LCD panel. Do this before you slice either long edges of the phone. The pick should slide in below the OLED panel. Stop if you feel the point of the pick hitting a ridge. The pick may be pressing against the edge of the LCD panel. Angle the pick and try again. If the corner feels hard to slice, apply a heated iOpener to the corner for a minute and try again. With all of the edges cut, carefully hinge open the right edge of the screen.

Do not remove the screen. It is still attached to the phone by a flex cable near the left edge. With all of the adhesives cut, flip the attached screen glass side down and rest it on top of the phone.

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The screen flex cable should be loosely arched. If it is in good condition, you can re-use this tape during reassembly.So, your trusty Android smartphone is acting up a bit and only works on speakerphone.

There are quite a number of possibilities what may have went wrong with the phone and this article is going to lay them out for you. First off, I have to be honest, if your Android only works in speakerphone, chances are your ear piece speaker has gone bust. Sure, there can be a software issue where the device is unable to access the earpiece properly. But chances are, your smartphone is physically ill. I have done extensive research on why a smartphones earpiece suddenly stops working, not because of this article but because my Galaxy S3 had the same problem.

Although the audio was coming through, it was so low that I was unable to hear it at all.

pixel 3a only works on speaker

So in my experience, when an Android only works on speakerphone and refuses to give you a good calling experience on the earpiece, there is a big chance that the problem is hardware related. There are 2 basic reasons why your phone can work alright on speakerphone and but fails to work regularly. This is the most common solution I found by talking to my local hardware technician. The tiny paper has the tendency to accumulate into the ports as well as the earpiece over time.

Many smartphones come with multiple mics these days to enable clear communication whether you are using the standard orientation or the speakerphone. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with 2 microphones. One is a regular one and the other is the noise canceling one. Usually the standard microphone hole is present underneath the smartphone near the charging ports.

By using a flashlight, check to see if it is in any way blocked or not.

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I do not recommend this but if you have a thin needle, you can try to wrangle any kind of residue you see, out of the hole yourself.

Usual moisture, grime and dirt can accommodate over time into the headphone jack of your smartphone. If it does happen, your smartphone will think that you plugged in the headphones and will try to route all the sounds through the nonexistent headphone. So, pick up that flashlight again and see if there is any debris in the headphone jack, clean it out if necessary with a small needle but be careful not to go poking around too deep.The handsets needed to be close to their older siblings in terms of features and performance.

Google has discontinued the Pixel 3a. We recommend those in search of a low-cost phone to consider its successor, the Pixel 4a. About this Pixel 3a review: I used a Pixel 3a retail unit supplied by Google for seven days. At first glance, you might not spot any differences between the budget-friendly Pixel 3a and the premium Pixel 3.

The Pixel 3a drops the IP rating, swaps the glass for plastic, removes wireless charging, and changes out the high-end CPU for something more middling.

Where Google succeeds in the mid-tier market is by not removing core features found in the premium Pixels. The larger Pixel 3a XL is spec-for-spec almost identical to the smaller Pixel 3a.

The most significant difference is the bigger battery and larger display. More juice equals more power to get you through the day. You might want to consider the 3a XL if those are the features you prefer.

Thankfully, this is because Google decided to bring the port back on its mid-tier line. The 3a also drops the Google earbuds found in the box with the pricier 3. As mentioned, the Pixel 3a is the spitting image of the Pixel 3 series. Budget phone means cheaper building materials. Just like the premium models, the Pixel 3a appears to be made out of a single piece of plastic with a glossy texture up top and matte texture covering the bottom two-thirds of the handset.

This gives a soft-touch feel to the rather grippy phone. The Pixel 3a only comes in one spec configurationbut it does feature a new color. In addition to the traditional Just Black and Clearly White, the two mid-tier models come in Purple-ish.

As you can see from the photos, the phone only shows a slight tint of purple. This option also comes with a neon-green power button that I adore. The company ended up placing the 3. The placement gives the phone a uniform look, as an identical cutout can be found on the left side of the port for a microphone.

The rest of the phone is pretty much identical to the Pixel 3 in terms of design. Google continues to stack the power and volume buttons on the right side of the phone. The display on the Pixel 3a is fantastic. I did tend to keep the screen brightness up throughout the day, bumping it up to percent when outside.

It would have been nice to have a brighter display, particularly for outdoor use. Google allows you to tweak the color tone of the screen. I kept the default Adaptive setting enabled because I found it the most true-to-life, even if colors were a bit over-saturated at times.

The 3a offers much of the Pixel 3 functionality for significantly less money. To bring the cost of the Pixel 3a down, Google had to go with a mid-tier processor: the Snapdragon Paired with the Adreno GPU, the phone felt just as responsive as some premium handsets. The Pixel 3a checked through just about every task I threw at it, including some light gaming such as Asphalt 9.

Side-by-side with the Pixel 3, you can spot longer load times on the Pixel 3a. But when you remove the other handset from the equation, those slight differences go away.

During my review period, I never felt like I was standing there waiting ages for the phone to do something. Photo processing was the one place that I consistently saw the Pixel 3a take its time.Bestusefultips Leave a comment. Let see possible ways to fix Pixel 3a sound not working issues.

First of all check media volume to fix the Pixel 3a low call volume problem. You can easily check Pixel no sound or mute from any screen using volume up or volume down key. If you have used a microphone or phone speaker, make sure to properly working mic or microphone.

Check out below given different methods to fix Pixel 3 sound not working issue. In the latest Android device, you can easily adjust sounds such as media volume, call volume, ring volume, and alarm volume. Try below-given settings to fix Pixel 3 audio not working problem. After restarting your Pixel device, try to play music or make a phone call to check the fix sound issues. Press volume up or volume down to quickly see Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL sound settings.

Here you can see different volume settings.

The Google Pixel 3a XL Review: Does Mid-Range Make Sense?

Make sure all volume is full. Speakerphone: Use your Pixel 3 speakerphone when phone call running. So you can easily hear call sound. If you still facing phone call sound problems on your Pixel devices, use a microphone or wired headset.

Microphone: Make sure nothing is in front of a microphone that causing to no sound or poor sound call quality issue on Pixel 3a XL. Search the nearby places that have a good network to fix Pixel 3a sound not working issues. Now check network signal on your phone. Step 2: Long press the Power off button until view Reboot to safe mode. Step 4: You can see the Safe mode icon bottom left corner. Now all third party apps are disabling from your Pixel 3. Play a song or ringtone and check to hear a sound or also call someone and check the sound.

If you hear sound perfectly, it means third party apps causing the problem on your phone. Now close safe mode to restarting your Google Pixel 3. After reboot, your device, remove the recently downloaded third party app one by one until fixing no sound on a phone call or sound not working problem.

It will reset all phone settings. So, first of all, back up your important data safely to PC or other devices and after perform this action. If you still facing this sound not working Pixel 3 XL issue, master reset Pixel 3 using recovery mode. End the list of possible methods to fix Pixel 3a XL no sound issues. Do you have any alternative methods?

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This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Sergio Castell. Been having this bug since a few days ago. I didn't really do any major changes to the phone configuration, I've tried updating it to the latest security patch and latest google play security revision. When calling or receiving a call, and enabling the Speaker functionality, I won't hear anything from the other side, however turning back off that will make sound come out of the smaller speaker from the top of the phone.

Contacts, Calls, VoicemailGoogle Pixel 3a. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 0. All Replies Jacob Langille. Recommended Answer. Most Relevant Answer.The speaker situation on the Pixel 3a and 3a XL is quite different from that of previous Pixel iterations.

In particular the new phone differs in that the bottom speaker is no longer a front-facing unit, but rather a more regular bottom-firing design. Furthermore while the earpiece does serve as a stereo unit, it acts more like a tweeter while the main speaker takes care of lower frequencies.

What we notice in the results in that the difference between holding the phone one-handed in portrait mode and two-handed and having the phone cupped, is that the delta is a lot higher than what we see on the Pixel 2 or Pixel 3; this is a case of the phone not having quite as good frontal directionality due to the bottom firing speaker. While the earpiece is there, its frequency range is very limited in the low and mid-range and offers a lot more treble. The main speaker on the other hand has a very limited high frequency range.

Listening to content however with both speakers is quite good: The two speakers complement each other extremely well, and especially in the higher frequency ranges the Pixel 3a XL does very well. Speaker Evaluation The speaker situation on the Pixel 3a and 3a XL is quite different from that of previous Pixel iterations. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Terms of Use. Show Full Site.

How to fix Google Pixel 3a XL speaker problems?

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